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Home Renovation

Stay in the home you love by doing home renovations

It can be emotionally taxing even thinking about moving out of the house you’ve spent years making memories in. And we all know that trying to find land in Southern Oregon is a nightmare, let alone with a home you truly love.

But, right now, your family is having a hard time living in your house.

Your house could look out of date, not have enough room, or not be meeting other needs your family has. It’s frustrating and stressful, and those feelings are only growing with time.

Instead of moving, home renovations can help your family stay in the home they love. Add rooms, update the look, and make your house feel like home again.

Let’s help you feel excited to see your very own modern home.

Here are some of the trendy features and upgrades you can have in your home:

Help your home keep up with your needs

Your and your family’s needs change as time goes on. You need your home to keep up, or you may have to move.

Some families start feeling cramped and need to add or open up more space.  They may also realize their bathrooms need redesigning or they have to do a different home renovation project.

Whatever you’re experiencing, you’re close to giving up a home full of irreplaceable memories.

Instead, you can do the home renovations your family needs. Finish the attic or basement for more usable space, design an incredible bathroom, and do what you need to feel comfortable in your home again.

Let’s turn your house into a home you’ll never have to leave.

Our Home Renovation Process

Our expert team is ready to professionally work on any renovation project in Grants Pass, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. Any project you have will get the highest level of service. Here’s a brief look at our process:


Contact us

Contact us about your renovation project. We’ll reach back out to you for a phone consultation so we can learn more about your needs.

We Start Working

Together, we’ll design your ideal new space. Once we’re clear on your expectations and what you want to do, we’ll start building your vision!

Love Your Space

We’ll take you on a post-job walk-through to ensure you love it. Then you can start making new memories in your new space!

Home Renovation Prices

​​We want you back to using and enjoying your home as quickly as possible. This is why we work professionally and efficiently to get it back to you while exceeding your expectations.​

Home Renovation

Base Home Renovation*


1,000 square foot home. This can include brand new floors and a complete house repaint. We also give your kitchen and bathroom a simple remodel, replace all your trims, and install a new lighting configuration.

Home renovation

Average Home Renovation*


2,000 square foot home. We reconfigure some of the walls in your home, install new floors, repaint your whole home, remodel your kitchen and bathroom, install new trims, and create a new lighting configuration.

Home Renovation

High-End Home Renovation*


2,000 square foot home. We do a full reconfiguration of the walls where necessary, and fully upgrade and update your rooms, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Includes building an addition.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your home and your choice of materials and finishes. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique home renovation after the in-home consultation.

Home Renovations Portfolio

​​We're proud of the high-class renovation projects our clients in Grants Pass, Oregon, and the surrounding areas have us do for them. Here's some of the work we've done recently:

Happy Homeowners Like You Say

One of the best ways you can find out what it's like to work with us is to check out the reviews from our past clients. Here are a few from our awesome clients:


Levi went above and beyond expectations. We had our front door replaced by him.

Even though their were manufacturer complications with the new door we bought, he was able to fix their mistake and performed an excellent job. I highly recommend Lawcorp Carpentry.

Briannah Dempsey


TY for the letter and research info from the OEM on the siding. Its been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you over the last couple of years.

You are an absolute artist with your craftsmanship and we really do appreciate that and your level of professionalism. We wish you and your beautiful family the best and hope that our paths will someday cross again in the future.

Take care and TY very much for all of your efforts and support you have provided us.

Kevin Kirkley


Levi is great! Experienced workmanship and fine attention to detail. Is very fair and is as accommodating as possible.

If you’re looking to start a major project contact him. You won’t be disappointed:)

Levi Tompkins

Keep the home you love by doing the home renovations you need