Southern Oregon - Its The Climate – Welcome

     I know why you are here.

     You heard the call to southern Oregon, the hidden gem of the West. 

     Snow-peaked Cascades drew you in, and the Rogue River Captured you. As you longed for Magic, you found Crater Lake answering the call, home of Wizard Island. Crater Lake is the tenth deepest lake in the world, and at 1,949 ft is the deepest, and bluest in the  States. As you looked east, you found the Volcanic legacy that pilgrims crossed on covered wagons just several generations ago. You cant help but imagine herds of Buffalo grazing on those grassy hills. But as that baren beauty draws you in, you cant quite call it home.  So you travel west, for the Pacific Ocean has a special place in your heart, too.

   King tides that winter brings crashing into Gold Beach are breathtaking, and the primordial outcrop of giant rocks on Harris Beach call you, as you stare in wonder. Don’t forget those windy walks on crisp sand, while the bull kelp dries in the sun. The satisfaction of a fresh fish taco from Old Town Bandon delights you too, an annual pilgrimage just in itself. That journey to and fro on highway 199 passes through the old-growth forests of the Sequoias. Those majestic redwoods are massive, and intense. Trees whose birth predates that of Jesus himself. You cant help but feel humbled in those shadowed groves.

     I was in awe as well, once I discovered how lucky we are to live in these valleys. People are kind here, inviting, and decent. Now you have made the choice to buy land here, and have a home that brings you peace. You’ve left behind the hustle and stress of the other places, and have become an Oregonian. Whether you’ve chosen to raise children here, or retire, the Rogue Valley offers lakes and rivers and an ocean, all within a three hours drive. 

     If you see what I see, than I welcome you to this community. Lets build this future together, and support one another.



Levi Whitney

Owner of Lawcorp Carpentry LLC